For the electronic repair industry we have developed a framework concept to support the purchase / sale, financial settlement, product management and organization of shipments. Our customers use our Shipcentra portal solution for this. This solution supports the entire process company and links a network of suppliers, web stores, transport companies and financial applications to automate the purchase and sale of parts, accessories and tools as the motor of the organizations.


CentraShop is an extension of the ShipCentra solution. It is a link with your existing or new webshop. We use your already available product information to offer your stock and prepare it for online sale.

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ShipCentra is the heart of your company, a connecting portal that allows your other software, processes and people to work together better. ShipCentra is accessible through your browser.

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Centrapay is an extension of our ShipCentra solution. It is a so-called POS (Point of Sale, or “Cash Register”) that ensures that sales at retail and pick-up locations are handled centrally.

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