Our web experts are tailor-made full-stack developers with a special focus on automating business processes and developing portal applications. We like to work with companies in growth where automation is a key factor and determines the distinctive character of the organization in question.

In addition to our in-house developed software solutions, we also support fellow soft and web developers with temporary and permanent need to hire our specialists.


Web Expert is a partner when it comes to outsourcing. We offer a high price-quality ratio, with a high level of knowledge. That makes it a lot easier to call in us to achieve your growth goals. Whether they are small or big, or start small and get big.

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Custom development

Companies in growth that operate broadly or, on the contrary, are focused on a niche market, often cannot escape it. With the ambition to become an important player, perhaps market leader within your target group, the need to apply tailor-made software in your business process naturally arises.

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E-commerce integrations

Fortunately, it is becoming easier to set up one or more web shops. When the order volume is not yet too high, it is also fine to manually process the orders, pack them, create shipments, manage stock numbers and book them financially.

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